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  1. Initial Consult: The process begins with an initial consultation conducted via Zoom to discuss your requirements and determine the suitability of your business for an ATM placement.

  2. Site Visit: If the initial consultation is successful, a site visit will be scheduled at your business location to identify a suitable spot for the ATM placement.

  3. Contract Signing: Once a suitable location is identified, a 1-year contract will be signed, outlining the terms and conditions. As part of the seamless process, my team will take care of purchasing the ATM and handling the money reloads on a regular basis, typically every one to two weeks.

  4. ATM Purchase & Delivery: My team will purchase the ATM and arrange for it to be delivered to your business location within two to four weeks. A technician will then professionally install the ATM, bolting it down to the floor for security purposes, connecting it to the internet, and programming it.

  5. ATM Set-up: The technician will expertly set up the ATM, ensuring it is properly connected to the internet and programmed to function correctly.

  6. Money Reload: My team will be responsible for reloading the ATM with money on a regular basis, typically every one to two weeks, to ensure it always has sufficient funds for transactions, providing a seamless experience for the business owner.

  7. Collection of Money: As transactions occur, you, as the business owner, will collect the money generated from the ATM, as outlined in the contract.

Our streamlined process ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. From an initial Zoom consultation, contract signing, and ATM purchase, to professional installation, regular money reloads, and profit collection, our easy steps make it effortless for you to benefit from our ATM placement service.

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